Producciones Alejandro Alcondez

Producciones Alejandro Alcondez ©
was founded in 1991 by it’s Owner, President and CEO Alejandro Alcondez.

The vision of Producciones Alejandro Alcondez © is worldwide distribution and creation of quality films in the Spanish Language.

This Motion Picture Company has Produced many films, among them are “El Bronko Negro”, “Furia Salvaje” and “Impacto de Muerte” to name a few. In these films, Alejandro Alcondez plays the leading roles, he also wrote, produced, executive produced these films.

The feature films have original Lyrics and Music
by Alejandro Alcondez for the following songs: “El Bronko Negro”, “El corrido de Jose Santana”, “El corrido de Juan Pastor”, “Quiero ser tu amigo” (I want to be your friend).